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The Savage Kitchen smartphone App, launched in March 2020, uses an interactive global map and citizen science to help our communities to identify, harvest and prepare wild foods from our own backyards. It focuses on 5 invasive plant species – Strawberry Guava, Butterfly Ginger, Java Plum, Spanish Needles, and Wild Amaranth – rampant in the Hawaiian Islands and other tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Sunny Savage, internationally recognized forager, author, and founder of the app is on a mission to collectively tackle the impacts of invasive species by educating us to eat them and take be part of the solution for land restoration and food security. This ground-breaking tool for safe and responsible wild food foraging includes crowdsourced plant pinned locations, insightful video tutorials, and beautiful healthy recipes. Let’s be part of the solution!

The app is completely free and available for download at App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Android)

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