Drink fresh coconut water

I have been exploring and curating 100% locally-sourced recipes from the abundance of the Hawaiian Islands for the past decade. Coconuts are a huge part of our food-sovereignty in the tropics and I can't wait to share my knowledge about them with you!

In our coconut classes you will learn:

  • The lifecycle, history, and stages of coconuts

  • How to open and process a coconut in several different stages

  • Overview of harvesting methods (and why some are more sustainable than others) 

  • Nutritional values & versatility of uses 

  • Recipes for coconut milk, creme, yoghurt, flour, shreds…

  • and much more!!

Private & Group Classes are available on Kaua’i, Hawai'i 


“Great hands on experience all about coconuts! Guri showed us how to crack, pop, split, husk, scoop, and even milk a coconut. At the end of the workshop everyone took home samples of coconut yogurt, coconut flour and a big jar of our own coconut milk. She even gave us the hard coconut shells and sandpaper so we could create our own bowls. A fun and delicious workshop!”
- Ina, Koloa, HI
Coconut Class_Ina.jpg