Zero Waste Farmer's Market Classes & Coaching

I source the majority of the groceries for my family at Farmer's markets for the quality and diversity of food, zero waste bulk options, and the connection with farmers/producers. Zero-waste principles have been integrated throughout my life and in the past year I have dedicated my efforts to eliminating single-use-plastics from my personal consumption. Implementing zero waste takes practice and courage; I'm excited to share my insights and shortcuts with you!

Do you want to:

  • Understand what a zero-waste lifestyle actually entails?

  • Make small steps now that will have lasting impacts on your lifestyle and carbon footprint?

  • Learn how to avoid food packaging and single-use plastics?

  • Change your habits as a consumer and reconnect with the source of your food and resources?

Why Zero-Waste?

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to our oceans and wildlife today and packaging (i.e. single-use-plastics) makes up 40% of the overall plastic demand  (World Economic Forum 2017). In alignment with the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goal # 12: “Responsible consumption and production” we must reduce our waste and consumerism immediately. The Zero Waste movement aims to create a closed circular system where everything we consume is sustainably regenerated, essentially sending nothing to landfill. It is a lifestyle that reduces waste as much as possible by refusing what is not necessary, swapping disposables for reusables, responsibly recycling when necessary, enriching our soil by composting, and supporting/encouraging sustainable small producers and businesses. 

Current Farmer's Market classes are in Chamonix, France:

Note: In light of COVID19, all in-person experiences are canceled until further notice. Please check back in for future dates and locations!